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“We sit collectively in unique possession of an elegant solution to the world's most vexing problem. A solution so elegant that it may be optimal"

Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit

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Members can attend classes offered at two locations and choose from a variety of class times. Here's how to get started:

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If you’ve trained consistently at another CrossFit Affiliate and are interested in learning more about our program, please contact Owner, Andy Boone. He can be reached at michael@crossfitnovato.com or 707-812-5167. 

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You are an experienced CrossFit athlete looking to drop-in? We’d love to have you. Classes can purchased at our $25 drop-in rate. You can also buy a multi-class visitor’s pass. Please contact Owner, Andy Boone. He can be reached at michael@crossfitnovato.com or 707-812-5167.

CFN News

  • Two Years Alcohol Free and Ten Years Owning CFN – Here’s What I’m Noticing

    Two Years Alcohol Free and Ten Years Owning CFN – Here’s What I’m Noticing

    Today is New Year’s Day 2020 and marks two full years I’ve been living alcohol free. I first wrote about this subject back in August 2018. At the time, I was about 9 months into the journey. Since I can say is that I’m noticing more and feel better. These are my experiences and some […]

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  • End of Open/New Programming Blog Post

    End of Open/New Programming Blog Post

    The 2020 CrossFit Open has come to a close! We want to sincerely thank everyone that participated, judged, cheered and coached these past 5 weeks. Two Opens in one year (6 months apart!) can be tough, but we were so proud of each and every one of your efforts each week. We witnessed PR lifts, first pistols and toes to bar, and people moving weights they never thought possible to move! The Open is special, but it’s the people who do it that make it magic. 

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  • 20.4 Recap By Coach Gilly

    20.4 Recap By Coach Gilly

    The end of the 2020 CrossFit Open is upon us! With workout 20.4 we finally saw a heavy barbell! Strength athletes rejoice! However, we know that Dave Castro always has something up his sleeve, and this week you had to earn your way to the heavy weights with box jumps and pistols. Some athletes chose to do step-ups instead of box jumps, some athletes jumped the whole way to save their legs for the pistols, and still, others mixed the two. 

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  • Friday Update News – 11/08/19

    Friday Update News – 11/08/19

    Good morning! Here’s your Friday Update News for the week ending 11/08/19. Health News I know people who with a big smile would choose sugary cereal over ice cream. Yum, yum! Check out this approximate $30 million lawsuit settlement that will force Kellogg to change its marketing. It’s a sugary cereals lawsuit. Nutrition Are we […]

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  • 20.3 Recap by Coach Gilly

    20.3 Recap by Coach Gilly

    Three down, two to go! Week 3 of the 2020 CrossFit Open saw a short and heavy workout, pairing deadlifts with Handstand Push-ups and Handstand walks. This workout tested both your ability to move load quickly and your gymnastic strength and stamina.

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  • Friday Update News – 11/01/19

    Friday Update News – 11/01/19

    Good evening! Here’s your copy of the FUN for this week ending 11/01/19. News The “Keto” craze is everywhere and seems to be fueled mostly by people interested in weight loss. I am interested this growing body of work which looks at nutritional and supplemental ketosis for neuroprotective and even performance-enhancing effects.  Nutrition Check out […]

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