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Wellness Edition

Happy weekend! This is sort of a Wellness edition as I’ve just finished teaching a 9 am Saturday class and it’s been too long. For many, many years I was the Saturday morning coach. Really enjoyed experiencing that unique energy, again.

Whole Life Challenge starts one week from today, January 20!

I believe the upcoming Whole Life Challenge is a great way to start kicking around several important lifestyle topics. We have 60 registrations and I want more. Over the past several years we’ve mostly stayed away from encouraging you to consider decisions and behavior outside the gym. Reflecting on the past and taking that long look in the mirror reminds me that I didn’t have my own act together, thus it was difficult to honestly and sincerely support you much beyond fitness. Times have definitely changed and within the last couple years I have found a new trajectory. So pleased to feel a foundation and be ready to share a few insights.


Changing the way we eat might be the most difficult step toward improving our health. It might also be the most rewarding. I can crush pizza and ice cream with the best of you. As I’ve grown older, my body doesn’t respond like it used to. Only did I discover this growing curious about feeling like crap and testing my blood sugar. Understanding the role our brain plays regulating appetite and subsequent hormone response to food are key pieces to the puzzle. As human beings we are programmed Wired to Eat (awesome read!) and in a world where there is convenient and super tasty, but nutrient poor options abound, it’s no wonder we are eating ourselves sick. If you follow some of the same brains I do, you know that we are living among a generation of children – for the first time in our history – not expected to outlive their parents. Let that land and sink in for a second.

Beyond looking better, feeling better and performing better, fiddling with your food can add years to your life. The goal is not to convince you to eat Paleo or high carb or low carb or any particular way. On the contrary, my hope is that the WLC and our gym-wide discussions will be a nice vehicle for sharing current research and some of what I have experienced. Then, you’ll have some tools and your own experience to make some informed decisions.


If you are reading this it’s because you are taking fitness classes or working with a trainer in one of our gyms, so what’s to discuss? For starters, have you been taking classes for weeks or months or years and not making progress? Or did you go through periods of progress and then fell off the wagon? Another brain related process is reinforcement. Action and consequence or action and results leads to validation and ultimately the possibility of lasting behavior change. Is there a better way to do this thing we call CrossFit? Is there a better way to balance and sustain this critical activity we call fitness? Balancing fitness in your life and increasing your awareness and feeling good about moving is an underlying goal.


This may seem like a strange pillar of health, but human connection is part of living a happy, healthy life. I’m not sure if Coach Glassman knew how magical this piece was way back during the early days. CrossFit is a proven methodology and the people in this gym are massively important members of my tribe. I also work on my relationships with friends and loved ones outside the gym. Being in relationship with others is a wildly dynamic and wonderful never ending system and experience. Can we devote more time to improving our time with others?  Can we slow down and be fully present in our conversations? I believe these are worthy goals.


Are you getting what your body needs or simply getting just enough to get by? How much is enough? Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, be smarter, look better or simply live longer, nothing makes a bigger impact than getting a good nights sleep. Move this paragraph to the top of the page. While sleep is often a challenge for reasons out of our hands, we are committed to digging deep into the subject, so that you understand potential benefits. Again, you get to decide how you might go about prioritizing. Making the smallest shifts can have an immediate impact.

A cool opportunity related to WLC

The BodySpec truck will be at CrossFit Novato – Downtown on Thursday, 2/1/18.

BodySpec performs body fat and body composition testing using a truck equipped with a DXA scanner. In a fully-clothed 10 minute scan, you’ll learn important info about your body.

I’m told once we fill-up our appointments (30 spots) there is a permanent location on 545 Beale St. in SF. Here’s the sign-up link. Scroll down to CrossFit Novato.

Thank you

On behalf of the team and KB, thank you for sharing your hard earned money, time, curiosity and desire. Thanks for walking through the door. Here’s to 2018 and all that it has in store.



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