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We Might Be On To Something

Just a few days back I sent a note to our team of coaches (now 20 strong!) reflecting on the year, looking ahead, also noting the speed and demands and stress in our lives. If one thing is for certain, life is happening. And there is no sign of it slowing anytime soon. As I sit and pen this note to all of you, I want to pause and share that same sentiment with you.  You figure it out. You balance a lot. Rarely is finding that balance easy and some days just not possible. You may be starting out raising young children or children wrestling adolescence or a daughter figuring out life through her evolving teenage lens. Or maybe no kids, but managing a career or two careers or considering a career change. Thank you. Thank you for putting your feet on the floor early in the morning or scheduling your work day around our schedule fighting not to miss a mid-morning class opportunity or scrambling back to Novato fighting traffic and making time in the evening to walk through our door. How much better do you we feel when we leave? We might be on to something.

It Gets Better and Better

I don’t want to spoil it for you young ones, but as I travel down the road toward being a middle-aged man, I wouldn’t go back. When I sat in the rocking chair at Marin General and looked into my first born’s eyes (June 21, 2004), I told her from that day forward I would be the best father I could be. I told her that I knew I was meant to raise a daughter and would do everything I possibly could to help her grow-up and be strong like her mom. It was a conversation – a moment in time – I will always cherish. Just this weekend I have at times sat in amazement and watched that now 13 year young lady interact with and care for her younger cousins. I have listened to her cleverness and bustling sense of PG-13 (R-rated at times) humor proudly knowing our kids never fall that far from the tree. Nor did we fall too far from the tree as I see more and more and more of my own parents in me. Life is so damn good and it gets better and better.

It’s Time We Move More

As I look ahead I can’t help but reflect on the past. Several years ago when we split from TJ’s Gym, my team of coaches could have fled for more stable waters. I am so thankful they stuck with me. When I first spoke with Dennis and Lauren about bringing Pacheco into our family, they could have stayed on their original path. I’m so happy they agreed to take the journey with me. Even before all of this, Matt and Nicole Barnes left our business to start their own gym. They did so successfully. And now they are back to coach with me.

The business we are building and your commitment to a program like ours is a first step toward pursuing health. We all need to move and most of us need to move a bit more tomorrow than we did today. A bit more today than we did yesterday. If we look at exercise from an evolutionary perspective, our ancestors moved all the time! We are a community of like-minded humans brought together by fitness and a recognition that our health depends on our commitment to move more. Here’s to moving more in 2018.

My Commitment and Our Opportunity

You may find it surprising that there is research indicating that going to the gym is not enough to mitigate disease and live longer. Over the past two years I, along with some people close to me, have become deeply committed to improving physical and emotional health.  In the coming weeks, we will begin sharing some of what we’ve learned in the hopes that it improves your health in some way. I’ve reached a point where I am ready to share my own struggles and expand the conversation and our program beyond fitness. You will see blog posts on the topics of Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition and Connection soon. You can join the CrossFit Novato Whole Life Challenge Team here http://www.whole.lc/wlc1801/pt/cfn Together we have the opportunity to live better. That is my commitment and our opportunity.


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