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Two Years Alcohol Free and Ten Years Owning CFN – Here’s What I’m Noticing

Today is New Year’s Day 2020 and marks two full years I’ve been living alcohol free. I first wrote about this subject back in August 2018. At the time, I was about 9 months into the journey.

Since I can say is that I’m noticing more and feel better. These are my experiences and some felt perspectives and maybe even a few curiosities. I’m not standing on a box and telling. Only sharing my experience.

It’s also my final blog post. Thanks for being great clients and friends and coaches.

Why did I stop drinking? The truth is there wasn’t a single incident or negative event. During the evenings I started noticing that I was thinking about it. Should I or shouldn’t I have a drink? Then I started noticing that after a beer or two later I would wake-up in the middle of the night around the same time. Then I read a more detailed explanation of how the body metabolizes ethanol. I thought about how many years I’d been metabolizing ethanol. It started to become a thing I thought about. I reasoned that I didn’t want to do that anymore and that the upside(s) didn’t outweigh the downside(s). So, I gave it up.

Here are a few things I’m noticing.

  1. I think I feel my life more. Life is amazing and glorious and a true privilege. It’s of course not always easy, but being alive feels really good.
  2. I haven’t always felt this way. Over the last few years – and especially during the last two – I’ve been able to see and talk about my teen, early adult and mid-life challenges with anxiety. I can see that alcohol was a tool that helped ease my social anxiety. I feel like I’m a lot more present and sincere in all of my conversations.
  3. The mental health crisis and an increasing mortality rate in the U.S. and a bubbling discussion around “despair” have my attention. I’m more in touch with the human condition and I’m more curious about unspoken despair. Peter Attia recently highlighted these subjects.
  4. I think we are our own worst critics. I’m getting better at being more kind to myself.
  5. I love my family (photo above) and I tell them so more often. I love you, family.
  6. A new field of precision (individualized) mental and physical health includes university researchers, clinicians and other scientists, systems thinkers and collaborators. I find myself very interested in this next chapter of health and wellness and what will become an evolving study of longevity.
  7. Teens and Depression and Anxiety have my attention. The subject brings me full circle to my own experiences. I’m very interested in how we can bring smart mental and physical health to our schools.
  8. I’m reading more fiction, less nonfiction.
  9. After 10 years of helping run this place, I know in my heart that Connected Fitness Novato, when dosed reasonably, is the best fitness curriculum on the planet. I’m certain. I’m also certain that Michael Crespo will be a dedicated, knowledgeable, kind and successful leader.
  10. We are all different and there’s no one nutrition plan or book or relationship or guru that/who fixes us. If you are curious about how our body responds to food and the neuroregulation of our appetite, read Robb Wolf’s Wired To Eat. This book changed the way I think about food and manage blood sugar. Matt Walker’s book changed the way I think about sleep. Tony Anello helped me change the way I think about booze. Thanks, T.
  11. Still most people don’t want to talk about food, booze and sleep. Feel the trigger that invoked? Food. Booze. Sleep. Maybe 2020 is the year that you shift your food, booze and sleep.
  12. If you are curious about how you want to show-up in your life, ask yourself how you want to show-up in your life. What is it that you want? Write it down.
  13. Showing-up may mean you’ll need to ask for help. Ask a CFN coach. Call a good friend or call me. What is it that you want? Say it out loud. It’s never too late to pivot and begin making lasting change.
  14. You are in great hands with our current leadership and coaching staff. Thanks for 10 great years. Thank you for supporting my decision to pivot and change.
  15. Wishing you Love and Fun and Health in 2020.

Keep in touch. I love coffee and always happy to brainstorm you, life and your health.




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