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The Open 20.1 Recap by Coach Gilly

Week 1 of the 2020 Connected Fitness Open is done and the results are in. Congrats to the official 48 athletes who completed the first workout, and the many more athletes that attended classes and got it done. The first workout was a classic couplet of ground to overhead and bar-facing burpees with a 15min time-cap. There was nowhere to hide in this workout, and boy did it hurt! 

Connected Fitness Novato would like to honor this week’s top RX and Scaled performances by clients. On the Men’s side, Mike Cattaneo knocked the RX version out of the park finishing with a time of 14:44. Coach Radz, who was our top male RX score, only beat Mike by ONE SECOND. Amazing. Great work, Mike.

Todd Schneider dominated the men’s scaled division with 176 reps finished at the 15min timecap. That is only 4 reps shy of finishing. 

On the Women’s side, Malia McDowell topped the RX version with 173 reps at the 15min timecap. Only coaches Kelly Morlock and Emily Atkinson were able to finish the RX version, with times of 11:50 and 13:37 respectively. Amazing efforts by all!

For the scaled version, Kayda Cook held steady finishing 167 reps at the 15min timecap. Way to go, Kayda.

Mike, Todd, Malia and Kayda: To thank you for and celebrate your awesome efforts this first week, Connected Fitness Novato/THRV Fitness will be giving you each a CFN Shaker Bottle. I will be connecting with you to get you your prizes. Congrats, guys!

Workout 20.2 was announced Thursday night and it’s another burner. A 20 min AMRAP of 4 DB Thrusters, 6 Toes to Bar and 24 Double Unders. Again, there isn’t much room for rest…this workout is all about keeping your pacing steady and controlling your breath. Good luck to all the athletes giving it a go Friday and today, Saturday! 

Who do you think will top the Leaderboard this week? What prizes will they win? Check out the blog each week to find out. 🙂

Lastly, we wanted to remind ALL clients that they are welcome to come in to any class on Friday or come to the Saturday morning heats Downtown (8am-10am) even if you aren’t officially signed up for The Open. This event is about community, and we would love to see as many of you as possible try the workouts out. Plus, we always can use some judges and cheerleaders 🙂 


Coach G

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