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The Future of Health and Fitness

Sometimes I wonder if I’m obsessed with the idea of how best to empower others and help them wake-up to their own health. If I do have an obsession, that’s definitely it. If you’re not reading Chris Kresser’s work, I think you should. Chris takes an honest look at our broken model of medicine and how we all play a role waking up to what’s broken.

It’s taken me 44 years to feel like I’m finally waking up to my own health and I sort of feel like I’m ready to share some of what I’ve learned. What’s scary is that I’m not sure that I have an audience. Or what exactly I want to say. Or where to begin. I think this is a function of my own insecurities and knowing that everyone’s path is uniquely their own path. I think I will let go of wrestling with a Blog. Instead, I plan on sharing just a few of my “Notes”.

One of the many beauties growing older is pausing in a moment long enough to look back at how we arrived at a given day. Our life experience shapes our learning and shapes our being. It has everything to do with how and why and where you are sitting in that particular seat reading my Note. Think about that for a second. When you were a child, before you were a child, when you were a baby still in the womb – all of it dictates our past, the present and is partly to blame and credit for our future.

After a long vacation from the Tim Ferriss podcast I recently listened to a lovely and curious episode featuring Gabor Maté, a physician specializing in neurology, psychiatry and psychology. Maté, an expert on addiction, has written several books some published internationally in 20 languages. I found Mate’s live, honest and pointed interactions with Ferriss, along with his thoughts and feelings on how life experience shapes us truly fascinating. When the time is right, take a listen here.

Here’s a point of this Note.

Like Dr. Maté, I believe our experiences shape us from the inside out. Our experiences are in fact inside our bodies. They help shape what we think and how we feel. What if the Functional Practitioners have it right?  What if the Yogis have had it right for thousands of years? What if how we think and how we feel are two of the greatest predictors of our physiology including how we best mitigate chronic disease and increase our longevity?

That begs the hyper critical question, “How are you really feeling today?”

In the future, the best health and fitness programs will help clients acquire the necessary tools to first pause and look deep inside. Physicians and health coaches will start by asking people how they want to show-up in their own life. They will help clients work through or around obstacles getting in the way of the work. The best health and fitness programs will find a way to prioritize the experiential path – how clients think and how they feel – over routine medicine and fitness.


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