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Restorative Services

Three levels of Connected Fitness Novato, Endurance Training, Connected Fitness Kids, Strength Training, AND Restorative Services!?


Connected Fitness Novato continues to be inspired by the work of our extraordinary people. This week we spotlight three of our specialty clinicians. Say Hello to Josh, Gilly, and Carrie. Below each clinician shares a little about their philosophy and how to get in touch!

Josh Madonick, DPT, CSCS

As a current athlete, I can say that there is nothing more frustrating than being kept from doing the thing I love most: chasing my own goals. Whether it is a recent tweak of a knee, or a stubborn back, injuries can nag and take us away from doing the things that make us feel most alive. Of course, these aches and pains always seem to show up at the most inconvenient times, especially when we need the gym to help clear our head.


These frustrations are the reason that I became a physical therapist in the first place. I know the feeling of having the joy of activity stripped away, and wanted to help others to achieve the same. My pursuit of building the resilient body lead me to develop strategies to prepare the body for all forms of fitness. Connected Fitness Novato, more so than all other forms of fitness, challenges all of these resilient capabilities. It is the reason that it is such a polarizing sport. To those who love it, they understand and appreciate the gauntlet.


My work as a physical therapist is to ensure that your body is resilient and adaptable enough to stand up to the test of any movement pattern or WOD. This isn’t simply about getting you out of a nagging ache, but rather, giving you the opportunity to build a body that can withstand the demands of the box. My treatment approach is to examine nearly every part of you to identify where your limitations are, so that you can squat, press, push, and pull without limitation. I firmly believe that no injury can be assessed individually without taking into account the sum total of the rest of the body. Whether it is struggling to achieve the overhead position, or simply getting rid of that nagging knee pain every time you squat, we will work to build you into a more resilient human, so that you can get back in the gym as quickly as possible.


To schedule an appointment, email Jmadonickdpt@gmail.com or call 925-918-0470


Gillian Boyd, LMT, Pregnancy and Postpartum Specialist, Connected Fitness Lvl 1


As a longtime Connected Fitness athlete and coach, I have experienced time and time again the benefits of regular therapeutic bodywork on both injury prevention/rehab and performance. In early 2016 I became a Licensed Massage Therapist to provide my Connected Fitness clients a complement service to the intense strength and conditioning training they do in the gym.


I specialize in focused therapeutic bodywork, incorporating Deep Tissue, Myofascial Therapies and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) to address your specific recovery needs. I provide coaching on breath and mindset during the bodywork to help facilitate pain reduction. I also provide clients with recommendations on programming modifications, supplemental strength training to address weakness/imbalance and self-mobilization techniques to maximize your recovery.


My goal is to keep you in the gym working out and getting you back to training at 100%. If you would like to schedule a session, please call/text 831-234-3506 or email gilly@crossfitnovato.com


Carrie Maszk, CMT, NMT

I am excited and grateful to start my practice at Connected Fitness Novato, where I found the many benefits of therapeutic manual therapy at my first Darkhorse Derby in 2014. Through receiving bodywork, I discovered a passion for rehabilitation and set out on the path to help others. I graduated from National Holistic Institute 1350 hour program early this year with a certificate in Neuromuscular Therapy, and have been working with sports and other injuries in a small chiropractic office ever since.


As a long time Connected Fitness Novatoter, I know how important it is to maintain mobility in muscles, and how hard it can be to make the time to do so. My practice focuses on pre- and rehabilitation of soft tissue in the body. Whether it’s soreness after a tough workout, an achy shoulder, or stress from work, my training in anatomy, kinesiology, and neuromuscular therapy allows me to isolate and focus on your specific area of need, and identify dysfunction before it becomes an actual injury.


To book a session, please call or text 415-827-2123.

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