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Quick Blog Post (QBP): Memorial Day Murph

By Michael Crespo

We live in a unique time. Most people alive have never experienced a situation quite like COVID. Gym’s have been closed for 2 1/2 to 3 months now depending on where you are around the world. Reopening, is coming. And starting in lots of places. One of the things that makes a good Connected Fitness gym great is quality programming. For those who may not know what “programming” is, programming refers to the chosen components of the warmup, workout of the day, and cool down. There are a million and one different ways to do it. There are not necessarily right or wrong ways, just different, and more well thought out programs. The Programmer at a gym has to consider things like; what’s the end goal I am trying to achieve within this period of workout creation? What’s the intent of the month of workouts? What’s the intent of the week? The Day? A good programmer thinks of about 50 different things at once. Coach Gilly has been our Programmer for the last few years. And she’s amazing. As of recent I have taken on the privelige and responsibility of Programming. A good programmer also takes into account life circumstances such as COVID. Within the Connected Fitness coaching community there is a big debate about whether or not it is appropriate to do the traditional “MURPH” memorial day workout. “MURPH” is an iconic Connected Fitness workout. Most people who aren’t in this world hear about it and think we do it every day in Connected Fitness Novato. It’s something we do once in a while. At some gyms yearly. But at CFN we have historically done lots of other different Hero WODs. Hero WODs or “Workouts of The Day” are workouts that honor fallen men and women who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty fighting to protect our rights and freedoms. Lt. Michael Murphy was one of those brave souls who died putting himself in harms way to save his unit when they were ambushed. This year many of us are out of the gym and not training as much as we usually do. “MURPH” is a high volume (or high rep) workout. When your body is not used to high volume work for a period, doing high volume can have pretty severe consequences. If you have been following the class workout religiously at home, your body is prepared to do “1/2 MURPH” or:

For Time:

800m Run

50 Pullups or DB Pullovers,

100 Pushups or Knee Pushups

150 Airsquats


800m Run

For the last few weeks, we’ve done at least 80-100 Pushups weekly and 100-150 or so Airsquats and we’ve run, and done other exercises that engage the muscles of a pullup.

My recommendations:

  1. Move well, even at reduced volume, moving sloppy can have disastrous consequences
  2. Don’t feel pressured to do the reps as written, scale appropriately or cap yourself at 40min
  3.  If you are doing the full version of this workout, I wouldn’t recommend the 100 pull-ups unless you’re a seasoned athlete & you’ve been training pullups at volume regularly the last few weeks.

Connected Fitness gyms around the world will be doing this Monday. Emily and I will be doing this with you too. Remember that Hero WODs are about honoring those that made the ultimate sacrifice, but that doesn’t mean that you need to beat your body up. Move well and have fun, with this crazy thing we do and love called Connected Fitness Novato.

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