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You don’t need me to tell you that 2020 has been quite the year. Between COVID, fires, smoke, extreme polarization on socioeconomic issues, politics, and more its hard not to wake up each day wondering what comes next. It’s hard to notice your blessings sometimes amongst all of the chaos, and yet they are there. For those of you who still don’t know me super well, CrossFit is my life. The community inspired me long ago as being one that is positive and full of good people, high caliber human beings. 


I arrived in Novato 5 years ago looking to intern at a CrossFit gym because I had my Level 1. I first tried CrossFit North Marin, and then Pacheco Valley CrossFit. CFNM had too many interns at the time, and somehow it was not written in the stars for Lauren Mancuso and I to connect at that time. The last place I arrived was CrossFit Novato. I will forever remember sticking my head in the door and seeing Gilly working out. I told her my story of wanting to make a living doing CrossFit and she told me she would take me in on the spot had she been the owner, but I would need to talk to Andy. 


When I first arrived at CrossFit Novato 5 years ago, I knew immediately that it was my home. If you’ve ever been there you know that there is unique and special energy about the place. When I met Andy, I shared the details of my troubled past and my desired future as a CrossFit athlete, coach, and perhaps even one-day gym owner. In that first talk, we learned that we were connected even before we knew each other. Andy had directed regionals in 2014, which was my first live exposure to CrossFit and the community, this is where I fell in love with CrossFit for the first time. I came in and started training that evening, and it was another year before I had my first opportunity to coach at CFN. 


Throughout the years, I heard bits and pieces of the story of how CFN came to be, first as a TJs gym, and then as CrossFit Novato and also how CFNM and PVCF came to be. I learned about Kelly Morlock regionals athlete 🙂 and wanted to meet her one day. At the time I wanted to be a regionals athlete (part of me secretly still does). 


When Andy and Karen Boone bought PVCF from Lauren, it was the rejoining of two amazing communities. I got to meet Lauren, Grammy, James, Andrea, Sylvie, Andrew, Amber, O, Kendra and Kelly Morlock who I always wanted to meet amongst other amazing high caliber humans. The joining of 2 communities wasn’t easy. While we were both CF gyms, we both had a unique and distinct culture. It really is an amazing thing to link 2 communities into one when you think about it. 


When Matt and Nicole Barnes came over from CFNM I met some of my best friends for life. I talk to Nicole pretty much every day and have learned invaluable leadership skills from watching Matt Barnes and the way he carried himself. Through them, I also got to meet Little D who is one of the nicest humans I’ve met so far. Recently because of the pandemic, we have had an influx of members from CFNM and I have also had the honor of meeting Kerry Yocke, Jenny Badell, Liberty and more peeps. 

Friday morning aat the 5:15 we had a mix of OG CFNM, PVCF, and CFN peeps in class so we all introduced ourselves. It was pretty cool. Between politics and more, our country is very divided at the moment, so it was nice to see our unity. At the end of the day good people is good people. It saddens me to think of there not being a CFNM or PVCF because I know just how much it means to have a tribe, a community that supports and holds you up. One that you not only contribute to, but that contributes to you. However, while these communities may no longer exist at 5420 Nave Dr. Suite E or 1557 S Novato Blvd, Novato, CA 94947 they still exist. You see community is made of the individuals that are in it, not the buildings or location that they exist in. As long as the people exist and meet together then the community lives. 


I have a vision, the vision is all of the CFNM, PVCF, and CFN becoming one community. Novato United. I believe that one day our gym will be so full, that we will need to upgrade to a larger space. CFN exists to serve The Novato Community from kids to young adults, older adults, future games athletes and those who are living with aa chronic illness. We will always be a facility that coaches to all levels. That’s because we exist to help people become the best version of themselves to not only discover their potential but to develop it. We exist to help the Novato Community connect to who they really are and to feel strong, confident, and resilient! If you are a former member of either CFN, CFNM, or PVCF we want you back, we cannot live our dream without you.

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