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It’s That Time of Year…..Again!

By Gillian Boyd

Wait, wait, wait. ANOTHER CrossFit Open? Didn’t we just have one this past February? What is going on?!?

We feel you. This year has seen some big changes to the CrossFit competition season. Last year saw the removal of the Regional qualification process, which was replaced with qualification through The Open or a Sanctional event. This year, to allow a longer season for Sanctionals, CrossFit HQ has moved The Open from February to October. Since this year is the transitional year, it is necessary to have two Opens. Following this year, The Open Will again be a yearly event and happen during October. 

Moving forward, so we don’t conflict with the new Open schedule, the In-House Derby competition moves to February. This will allow us to run two annual events – one in October and one in February – and still allow for focused training cycles.


Just in case you were wondering, we are currently three weeks into a six-week ‘Open training cycle’. Instead of focusing on PR’ing lifts, we are maintaining strength, building proficiency in the Olympic lifts and increasing metabolic capacity.


You might notice metcons with increasing volume and lots of pacing work. Expect at least one sprint/rest type metcon each week. This is where you can play around with pacing including managing larger sets and practicing more efficient transitions. The best Open athletes often not only have great capacity, but they are also strategists. They understand and demonstrate proper pacing and think about how they attack and manage movements in a workout. We want you to enter this year’s Open with more clarity and confidence and encourage you to start thinking more about how you manage your work and rest.


The Open is an event that challenges you to push your limits and reach for PRs! We want you to participate regardless of how long you’ve been in the program. 


Sign-up at https://games.crossfit.com/


Starting on October 10th, one workout will be released each week and this will continue for five straight weeks. Workouts are announced on Thursday evenings and must be completed by the following Monday at 5 pm. We will run Open workouts in all classes on Fridays and then mornings Downtown from 8am-10: 30 am. To make it even more fun and competitive, we will be awarding prizes throughout The Open to our top client performers! Please note that you do need to sign up at https://games.crossfit.com/ in order to be eligible for prizes. 


To kick The Open off, we will be hosting a potluck BBQ on October 11th at 6 pm. Location is across the Annex at 1105 First St. Mark your calendars! 



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