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Tired of Social Media

I recently kicked the social media habit removing Twitter, Instagram and Facebook aps from my phone. Sweet relief. My brain hasn’t quite adapted as I still find myself looking for my approval fix. Likes, comments, thumbs-up emojis all feel so good. In the end, I realized how much time I spent observing and evaluating, often forming judgements about other people. If I wasn’t evaluating their life, I often had opinions re: their misguided use – my perceived abuse – of a given social media platform. Enough. Time to let others have the social media without my judgment. I do see the positive side of social media platforms and appreciate all that is entertaining and collaborative. To that, our private Facebook page will continue to be an important gathering place and we will continue to publish workout material via SugarWod.

My new found freedom from social media also comes with an important responsibility to find an alternative communication medium. For now, we will quietly publish at least one single post each week and see how all of you respond. The truth is we know many of you aren’t on social media anyway, so we hope that you find this a long overdue practical tool. It’s quite easy to opt-in should you wish to receive these emails.

I asked Steve W if he would support my subtle blogging efforts and you can see his response below. The team and I plan to share content topics, so you will likely hear from many of us. Thanks for reading.



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