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Friday Update News – 10/25/19

TGIF. Here’s your copy of the FUN for the week ending 10/25/19.

Coach Matt Barnes is leading teams fighting the Kincade fire. Let’s send our thoughts to all residents impacted and all first responder teams and their families. Not sure where the Kincade fire is burning? Here’s the Live Map

Check out CrossFit Open 20.2 worldwide numbers.

The Ketogenic diet is used to fight cancer and more. If you are playing around with “Keto”, watch out for electrolyte imbalance.

Can a psychedelic experience improve your life? We are long time readers of UC Berkley’s Greater Good Magazine. Check out this week’s feature discussing the use of scientific tools to understand the impact of psychedelics on our well-being.

Didn’t have time to get that workout in? Here you go.

Time-restricted feeding and low glucose levels. Here’s a small group that took a look.


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