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Derby Musings by Coach Michael; The Power of Community

Derby Musings by Coach Michael;

The Power of Community

By Michael Crespo


It’s no secret that one of the biggest attributes that sets CrossFit apart from other fitness programs is the Community.In fact, there have been books written about the power of our CrossFit community. If you’ve ever spent some time at CrossFit Novato, it doesn’t take long to realize that there is something particularly special about our space. While we have some pretty nice Rogue equipment, two beautiful locations, and some stellar coaches this isn’t what makes CrossFit Novato great. What makes CFN really standout is our members, our Community.

We frequently hear from new members how welcomed they feel and how “Everyone’s so nice!” Members frequently meet outside of the gym to engage in other physical activities, grab coffee and celebrate milestones together. If you ever need a hand moving or babysitting our Facebook Group is the place to find a helping hand. We are nothing without our People.

As a staff, we frequently find great enjoyment observing and exchanging client success stories. When the great month of October rolls around, we get to experience one entire day filled with triumphs and personal records. This great day is the Darkhorse Derby!

For one Saturday or Sunday every October we dedicate a whole day in celebration of your hard work and efforts throughout the year. Maybe you’ve observed veteran members and coaches wearing old derby shirts? If you’ve been with us for awhile now you probably have a collection of shirts going back to the first Derby. These shirts we don’t give away!

The Darkhorse Derby is our annual in-house competition event. Coaches become judges and event staff. Our members become competitors for the day. At the end of the day after the winner’s podium, another very special award is given; The Spirit of the Derby Award. Finally, after the competition, we usually celebrate with a meal together.

An October Derby means that September is an interesting time of the year for us coaches. This blog post marks the beginning of several announcements intended to help educate and get you excited about participating in the Derby. Without no participants there is no Derby! No special day. So why should you participate?  

Friendly competition has many benefits. There is something about a competition that lights a fire inside of you. PR’s and firsts of movements (first pullup, first pushup, first toe to bar etc.) are a common event during competition. We call this competition magic. A lot of our coaches are former competitors in The Sport of Fitness (CrossFit Open, Regionals, Games) so we know about some of the cool stuff that happens in competition. We also know how intimidating competition can be. If you’ve never done a competition the thought of one can be scary. You might be thinking “I’m not good enough to compete”. The truth is anyone can compete and that means you.

Which brings up one very important point. The number one goal of the Derby is you having a good time. For you to find out who you really are and what you can do. This is a chance for you to exhibit your strengths. Through adversity we get to find ourselves.

The hardest part of the Derby is signing up. Next hardest part is showing up. One of the best parts of the Derby is that you also get the opportunity to invite your friends and family. They get to see you doing that crazy CrossFit thing that you do live in person. You get to inspire them even more. Derby day might just be the best day out of the year at CrossFit Novato. We hope that this year if you’re able to, you’ll consider joining us in celebration of community, in celebration of you.

The 2018 Darkhorse Derby takes place Sunday October 21st, signups open on Friday September 21st.




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