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Day 1 @ Paleo f(x)™

I’ve always wanted to attend Paleo f(x)™ and finally made the trip to Austin, TX. Having followed the conference for many years, I was curious to experience the evolved, more ‘holistic’ health and wellness event. The published list of presenters and goods and services span fitness, nutrition, spirituality, healthcare, politics, entrepreneurship and more. I was very curious to see what others believe and ultimately how we are coming together to help each other wake-up to our Health. 

My first impression of Austin!

  • Willie for President? Why not. I supposed this photo may only matter, really, if you love Country music. I grew-up reluctantly listening to Willie Nelson music and only later in life really appreciate the way he rolls. Thanks for the introduction, Mom & Dad.
  • Austin features some super friendly people and it is a Booming city. It’s about a mile walk from my hotel to Downtown Austin and it’s a friendly construction zone the entire way. I rented a bike for the weekend, so I am that tourist. Here’s a view of Downtown from where I’m staying.

Friday, April 27

Friday marked the first full day of presentations. I listened to a few different panel discussions covering a variety of topics. Here are three individual presenters who stood out:

    1. Dr. Joseph Mercola “Not Well Known Biohacks to Radically Improve Your Health”


    1. Ben Greenfield “10 Ways To Look Good Naked & Live a Long Limitless Life”


  1. Robb Wolf “Metabolic Flexibility: The Rosetta Stone of the Macronutrient Wars”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, “Not Well Known Biohacks to Radically Improve Your Health”

Dr. Mercola’s public mission:

    1. Providing the most up-to-date natural health information and resources and,


  1. Exposing corporate, government, and mass media hype that diverts you away from what is truly best for your health and often to a path that leads straight into an early grave.

Points from Dr. Mercola’s talk I’m spinning on:

    1. Be careful experimenting with nutritional ketosis. He’s practiced several times and felt like he was starving himself. If you try it, cycle it. 


    1. Be careful with protein intake. Believes this should be low or fall between 50-80 g/day. Protein intake up and down should be cycled. The more we age, the more important protein becomes however. 


    1. He is a big believer in Intermittent Fasting and often practices no food windows between 16-20 hours.


    1. Believes that practicing Intermittent Fasting is healthy for most of us, but like Ketosis, should be cycled.


    1. Multi-day water fasting even better than Intermittent Fasting.


    1. 5 day water fasts are just emerging.  
        1. 5 day fast benefits start day 3


        1. The BIG benefit of Fasting? Autophagy and this starts about day 3 of a 5 day fast. Here’s a vide explanation of Autophagy from Dr. Mercola’s website


        1. Stem cells activation


      1. Potent detox


    1. Dr. Mercola suggested we checkout True North Clinic. This is a Fasting clinic and looks like they are our neighbors located in Santa Rosa.


    1. Cell phones are a Class 2B carcinogen. Mercola believes they are Class 1. Believes extended use of cell phones is like extended cigarette smoking. It’s only a matter of time before the general public will understand the harm.  


    1. Secret to Health: RAP which stands for Replicate Ancestral Practices. If we are willing, we will optimize genetics and biochemistry.


    1. Fast your pets. They are designed to fast ie don’t leave food in the bowl. 


    1. Vitamin D is important. Get some sun on your body. 


    1. Limit Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF)! 
      1. lessemf.com
      2. safelivingtechnologies.com 


    1. “Most bone broths are garbage. Must confirm that it’s grass-fed and organic or it’s likely from China”. BTW, ever heard of BRU


    1. Steam convection ovens. It’s time to throw away microwave ovens! This one really has me spinning as apparently they a table top steam convection oven will cook almost as fast as microwave oven. The ‘microwave is bad’ is something that I’ve known for  along time and just choose to ignore. I feel it’s time to alter that behavior. 


  1. Lastly, don’t stress too much about all this stuff. Ok sure, Dr. Mercola. 🙂

Ben Greenfield, “10 Ways To Look Good Naked & Live a Long Limitless Life”

Was looking forward to Ben’s talk as I’ve just recently started listening to his podcast. Was able to meet Ben first thing Friday morning, introduced by an old friend, Onnit’s Kyle Kingsbury. Have stayed connected with Kyle since we met at an XPT event. Kyle fought in the UFC and an extraordinarily humble and sweet human. Kyle now hosts Onnit’s Total Human Optimization Podcast and I encourage you to give that a listen.

I find Ben interesting because he seems to wrestle basic ancestral living principles and also find ways to marry these principles with science and medicine. He’s quirky and smart and humble and is a professed introvert. Generally, I find myself adoring introverts. 

Ben recently founded a company Kion. It looks like they are offering some interesting coffee and supplements. Personally, I’m super intrigued by the exploding coffee/cold brew/mct oil/reishi mushroom combo bottled products. Check them out at our whole Whole Foods, top shelf, far right on the same wall as the refrigerated bottle water. 

Points from Ben’s talk I’m spinning on:

    1. Number one thing we can do as humans. Identify our purpose. I’m not sure why Ben waited until the end of his talk to share his #1, but this one really resonates. Why are we here? What do we want our legacy to be? When we can identify our purpose, we can empower people – and first ourselves – to live joyful, adventurous and fulfilling lives. Personally, I believe I’ve found my purpose.


    1. TeloYears offers an ‘actionable’ DNA health test. It lets you track your cellular age based on your telomere length and then offers some guidance on what to do with the data. I’m not sure if this is the specific company Ben was referencing, but suggests that he’s added 17 years to biological potential since making lifestyle and behavior changes. I think this is super cool.


    1. Ben looks for opportunities to balancing neurotransmitters via coffee and other means. How do we regulate the chronic disregulation? One of the ways to 100mg L-theanine blended with a good cup of coffee. 
      1. Check out Ben Lynch book Dirty Genes

      2. Eric Braverman’s The Edge Effect


    1. Fix your leaky brain. Optimizing blood brain barrier. Optimizing the filter for your head.  
        1. Follow Ray Chronise 


        1. Research hot/cold shower sessions: 20 seconds cold/10 seconds hot


        1. Experience Cryotherapy


      1. Believer in Cold tubs, better than Cryo


    1. Breath work 
      1. Box breathing. Checkout box breathing techniques like the 4/4. Hey remember Credo classes? 


    1. Eating  
        1. Must read Cate Shanahan’s Deep Nutrition – After reading, given the choice, Ben would choose cotton candy vs. snacks processed in vegetable oil. We must pay closer attention to oils. More important than sugar and worrying about macros. 


        1. B12, must eat more organ meets. Yummy. 


      1. Creatine – is a nootropic and naturally declines as we age. Takes 4-5 gm. day, however, we can only absorb 1.5 g at a time.


    1. Believes in intentional micro-dosing: 
        1. Nicotine – 1-1.5 grams + caffeine – nicotine toothpicks


        1. LSD/ PLSD – 10-20 mg recommended for creativity. Did he say LSD? Curious.  


        1. Pile loose leaf tobacco


      1. Intellect tree – Qualia – mind stuff – herbal nootropic


    1. Train for Speed  
      1. Fast twitch is key – how fast can explode?  
        1. Quality of the muscle more important than quantity 
          1. Speed of Movement rules


    1. We should prioritize Deep Sleep 
        1. Absence of blue, presence of red!


      1. Check out RubyLux infrared bulbs 
    2. Clean Your Gut
        1. Research coffee enemas


      1. Seek psoas and pelvic floor therapy. Hey, Coach Gilly Boyd


    1. Forget “Diets” 
      1. Everyone is different — lots is based on microbiome, so figure out how you work and what you need. 


  1. Control / reduce Glycemic variability  
      1. Bitters


      1. Bitter melon extract — helps decrease post meal


      1. Exercise before meals


    1. Postprandial walk
  2. Create a Morning Routine
      1. Get Up


      1. Drink Coffee


      1. Do some Deep tissue work


      1. Journal


      1. Meditate


      1. Exercise


    1. Take a Cold shower
  3. And don’t forget # 1. What’s your purpose? Maybe it’s time we all wrestle this one. 

Robb Wolf “Metabolic Flexibility: The Rosetta Stone of the Macronutrient Wars”

  • Robb Wolf is sort of the King of Paleolithic Nutrition and Ancestral living. He’s been around the space since the late 90’s. During one of his talks he mentioned that in 1998 he may have been one of a couple hundred people who had any real awareness of Ancestral Nutrition. Then he challenged the audience to look over their shoulders at the 180 or so vendors selling products and services. Pretty crazy.

My notes from Robb’s talk are pretty concise. That’s both because I was really into what he was saying and feel I feel like we are walking down the path representing what he’s getting at. That is, the path to healthy living and longevity is one where we want to build metabolic flexibility into our lives.

Some points from Robb’s talk that I’m spinning on: 

  1. Is there an optimal Ancestor Diet? 
    1. Simply stated, No, there is not.
  2. Undoubtedly there are big macro elements that we all have in common and many of us can stand to benefit from, but we are highly individualized creatures. 
  3. There are populations largely free from Western degenerative diseases.
    1. Inuit and Kitava, two examples.
    2. Largely unprocessed, many common lifestyle, but oddly missing: no continuity of macronutrients.
    3. There is one culture where diet for sure doesn’t work. Our diet. The Western diet is killing people.
  4. Two big questions we need to answer in our pursuit of Health.
    1. Am I metabolically flexible?
    2. Am I largely free from Chronic Disease?
  5. Massive amount of variation for any individual.
  6. Recommends 7 day carb test as he writes about in Wired To Eat
  7. To illustrate why we might want to be curious about how our body responds to food, Robb shared recent, personal blood sugar data. Robb and his wife, Nicki consumed equal amounts of white rice and then tested postprandial blood sugar at exactly the same time. Nicki’s results on the left and Robb’s on the right.

  • My biggest take away from Robb’s talk is that it’s senseless to try and prescribe nutrition and health based on others’ results AND if we find ourselves on a box preaching one way or the other, probably makes sense to hop down pretty quickly. Let’s all get curious about postprandial blood sugars and be curious about what can happen over time and the connection to chronic disease. You can read my CFN 7 article on Insulin Resistance here. Most of what he covered in his talk can be found in his must, super must read, Wired To Eat.
  • Those are the highlights from Day 1. Let’s be curious about our Health. Back at it today, Saturday.   


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