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CrossFit Novato: Our Space, Your Space

CrossFit Novato: Our Space, Your Space

By Michael Crespo

For those of you who don’t believe in magic, science confirms that exercise performed at a high intensity and social connection are two of the best things you can do to improve your quality of life.

Maybe it’s time that our space becomes your space. Have you ever considered trying CrossFit?

CrossFit Novato is a unique place. We’ve been around since late 2009, officially opening our doors January 2010. And we’ve learned a lot over the last almost 9 years. Amidst all the goings-on in the world, we sort of see ourselves as a calm within the chaos. People who trust us to help them with their Health and Fitness spend time in our space and work with our coaches as a means to get with they need out of a day. Wherever people are in a given day is okay and that’s where we meet them. Some people tell us that what happens behind our doors, at both locations, is nothing short of magic.

Turn on the news and one might conclude that there are no good people left in the world! Bad news sells. Terrorism is everywhere, people are bad, we are taught to fear most of what we see including war and the growing divide among the rich and the poor. On and on the bad news goes.

In our space, people meet people of every age, color, creed, race, religion, political preference, and gender working together and supporting one another. We observe Kindness, not lost in this world. Our place is proof and a space can be your refuge. People tell us that they are able to leave worries at the door. Step into our space for one hour and you might believe that you left planet Earth! No strings attached.

Some days our people need a little encouragement or maybe a fitness coaching cue. Other days they don’t show-up to listen to coaches, but to connect with their peers or to ride an exercise bike for an hour. After all, our space is their space. So, they get what they came for.

As coaches, we meet our clients where they are on any given day. We may not always get it right, but we share the desire to do our best. Our space is your space and our job is creating space for clients to grow. We take pride in the fact that we are an important part of our clients’ lives. We hope that one day you might consider joining us on this great journey. 

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