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Preventing Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and Alzheimer’s

Monday, March 5, 2018

I’m in the boat with Dr. Tim Noakes and a growing list of courageous physicians and researchers who believe obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and alzheimer’s may in fact all be symptoms of the same underlying condition – Insulin Resistance. If true, that means the current model of medical service is wrong. So is the traditional model of training physicians. So is the current model of most fitness programs.

This morning I connected with one of our talented coaches. He and I kicked around a variety of topics including fitness and family and we spent a lot of time talking about our personal health. Both of us are becoming more aware of our own mortality AND given a choice, neither one of us is ready to die!

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The Future of Health and Fitness

Sometimes I wonder if I’m obsessed with the idea of how best to empower others and help them wake-up to their own health. If I do have an obsession, that’s definitely it. If you’re not reading Chris Kresser’s work, I think you should. Chris takes an honest look at our broken model of medicine and how we all play a role waking up to what’s broken.

It’s taken me 44 years to feel like I’m finally waking up to my own health and I sort of feel like I’m ready to share some of what I’ve learned. What’s scary is that I’m not sure that I have an audience. Or what exactly I want to say. Or where to begin. I think this is a function of my own insecurities and knowing that everyone’s path is uniquely their own path. I think I will let go of wrestling with a Blog. Instead, I plan on sharing just a few of my “Notes”.

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Thinking and Feeling the 2018 CrossFit Open

Over the past several weeks I’ve gone through my annual thinking and feeling, wrestling with my personal CrossFit Open registration process. I’m already in my head about this post thinking and feeling a bit insecure about admitting it is in fact for me a process. 

Usually around the Holidays the initial thoughts and feelings begin to creep-in. The Open is coming. The Open is coming. The F- Open is coming. Didn’t it just end?

January is a lengthy month with plenty of time for some reflection, rumination and regret. I will think about and often feel that I am not in the shape I used to be in. Don’t want to think about and feel that weekly pressure. Don’t want to feel the competition. Bannister. Why does the guy think we need to compete against each other every year?  There’s going to be some heavy overhead movement which is going to crush my shoulder and I’m going to feel the familiar sadness. Fitness shouldn’t make people feel badly. I think I just want to workout. This year I’ll pass.

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2018 CrossFit Open

Coach Gilly writes this week sharing our plan for the 2018 CrossFit Open

The Sport of Fitness and the 2018 CrossFit Season is upon us. Please check out the sections below for some information about what the Open is, why we participate, how we will execute this year and lots of other tidbits. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me. I can be reached at gilly@crossfitnovato.com 

WHAT: The CrossFit Open is an online competition that consists of 5 workouts released over 5 weeks, one workout per week. Workouts can be performed at any CrossFit Affiliate or may be recorded in a garage and published to the CrossFit Open website. The Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season and the largest community event of the year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of athletes worldwide compete with other athletes across the globe. 

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Are You Fit or Are You Healthy?

Or are you neither or are you both?

For the first seven years that I owned a gym, I worked out in that gym and found myself pretty darn fit. The fitness worked. I’ve even competed in fitness. I am among a relatively small percentage of people around the world who can say they’ve competed in the CrossFit Games. Not just one time. Two consecutive years I was a CrossFit Games athlete. Granted it was a very, very different world back then. The point being, relative to everyone else, the gym alone was enough for me to look and feel pretty darn fit.

Over that same seven year period, my lifestyle more or less mimicked one that I had adopted as a UCD undergrad. A cocktail or two during the week or more. I would even sneak drink a beer or two in the garage as my daughters became aware of my consumption habits. Drinking in the garage seemed easy enough and that way I could avoid their scrutiny. Any good reason and I was ready to drink. Dinner out during the week and I would calculate a drink at home ahead of time, so the restaurant consumption wouldn’t ‘count’. Friday and Saturday evenings typically involved large quantities of beer or booze or both. Generally speaking I was a pretty good drinker.  Pretty good at fitness. I had honed my craft over many years. Foggy Sunday with family and I was back and ready to go Monday.

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Wellness Edition

Happy weekend! This is sort of a Wellness edition as I’ve just finished teaching a 9 am Saturday class and it’s been too long. For many, many years I was the Saturday morning coach. Really enjoyed experiencing that unique energy, again.

Whole Life Challenge starts one week from today, January 20!

I believe the upcoming Whole Life Challenge is a great way to start kicking around several important lifestyle topics. We have 60 registrations and I want more. Over the past several years we’ve mostly stayed away from encouraging you to consider decisions and behavior outside the gym. Reflecting on the past and taking that long look in the mirror reminds me that I didn’t have my own act together, thus it was difficult to honestly and sincerely support you much beyond fitness. Times have definitely changed and within the last couple years I have found a new trajectory. So pleased to feel a foundation and be ready to share a few insights.

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