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Client Spotlight: Jenn Ranghiasci

Client Spotlight: Jenn Ranghiasci

By Nicole Barnes

Jenn is an OG Crossfitter. I am fortunate enough to have started CrossFit alongside Jenn back in 2007. Never did I think this many years later we would  still be doing this together alongside our amazing CFN community. Jenn is not the only one in her immediate family enjoying all the benefits of CrossFit.  Have you met her mom, Kate and sister Terese? Or her brother-in-law, Grey? Clearly good genes run in the family! I love seeing these four at the gym getting after it! Truly inspirational.

How did Jenn discover CrossFit? My husband, Matt Barnes forwarded Jenn CrossFit videos telling her she really needed to try it. After a few weeks of Matt’s persistence, Jenn finally caved and did her first CrossFit workout. That workout was Fight Gone Bad which is still her favorite workout to this day.

With her good genes and years of CrossFit you would never know that Jenn actually has two kids in college and one in high school.  This CrossFit stuff must work. Have you seen her muscles?!

Jenn and her husband Dave have been married for 24 years and live in South Novato.  Currently, Jenn works part time as a production specialist for Laurel Whole Plant Organics in

Sausalito. She works onsite making their products which include face serums, balms, and cleansers. Jenn always loved going to the spa and now she gets to make the products that many spas carry.

I asked Jenn to share her favorite CrossFit memory and it was difficult for her to point to one. Do you all know Grace Martin? Well, Jenn was there when she got her first pull-up and the excitement of it still resides with her all these years later!  Another great memory that stands out for Jenn is when she competed at the SacTown Throwdown with Bob Scheppler, Doug Houlahan, and Gia Kramer. Their team tied for first place and one of the events included pulling a police car around the track. Imagine the look on her kids faces when they saw their mom pulling a car!?   Talk about “Strong Mama”.

Ask Jenn and she will tell you the community keeps her coming back for more. She also appreciates all the coaches that are so dedicated to health and movement, and continually learning and making themselves better coaches. In her words, “…it’s just a bunch of really rad people!”

Thank you Jenn, we think you are pretty rad yourself.


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