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Client Spotlight: Cristina Zammarchi

Client Spotlight: Cristina Zammarchi

 By Kelly Morlock

Cristina comes from a family of firefighters. She made her own way through San Francisco’s Fire Academy and married husband Eric, an SF firefighter she met 14 years ago.

Prior to firefighting, Cristina was a collegiate softball player. Going into firefighting she knew that her athletic background would prepare her for the  physical demands of the job. After having her first baby, Cristina joined Crossfit Novato on a recommendation that CrossFit could be the ideal way to prepare her for her first Physical Training test postpartum.

Despite her constantly rotating work schedule (not to mention her husband’s opposite shift… I dare you to work that calendar puzzle!), she does her best to get herself to the gym three days a week.  Cristina gives more than 100% effort when she’s there, but as any working mom knows getting to the gym can be difficult at times. She doesn’t let that discourage her though. Instead, she stays committed to bettering her health by squeezing in some fitness at the  fire station or at home when she can’t make it to a class.

Cristina LOVES CrossFit Novato’s Endurance programming.  If “Cristina” was a benchmark workout, it would go something like this…

30 minute AMRAP of wall balls, push press, running, air squats, burpees and rowing.  

Did I leave anything out?  Oh yeah, maybe some Assault Bike too.  

She has goals for building strength, but finds it hard to hit all the gym’s strength days due to her work schedule and Mom life.  Does that stop her from working towards those gains? Absolutely not. She approaches it with a positive attitude and is patient with her progress. As much as she would love to be more consistent with her barbell work, she acknowledges her situation and understands that it just may be a more gradual process for her.

Cristina is okay with that.

She should be.  Cristina challenges herself to be the best version of herself.  She walks away from each class with a sense of accomplishment, knowing she bettered her health and carries that motivation with her the rest of the day. The world better watch out, because this Mama is raising three strong daughters with the potential to be just like her!

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