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A Solution To Your Problems That Is Often Overlooked

Are you at your ideal level of fitness? Does your body feel good most days of the week? Or do you feel kind of beat up? Do you experience chronic feelings of fatigue/tiredness? Are you not progressing as fast as you would like to?    This week, we are going to talk about a box that is often left unchecked and unmonitored by many a CrossFit Athlete. For the purpose of this article, a CrossFit Athlete will be defined as anyone participating in regular workouts at a local CrossFit Affiliate...

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Two Years Alcohol Free and Ten Years Owning CFN – Here’s What I’m Noticing

Today is New Year’s Day 2020 and marks two full years I’ve been living alcohol free. I first wrote about this subject back in August 2018. At the time, I was about 9 months into the journey. Since I can say is that I’m noticing more and feel better. These are my experiences and some felt perspectives and maybe even a few curiosities. I’m not standing on a box and telling. Only sharing my experience. It’s also my final blog post. Thanks for being great clients and...

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Friday Update News – 11/08/19

Good morning! Here’s your Friday Update News for the week ending 11/08/19. Health News I know people who with a big smile would choose sugary cereal over ice cream. Yum, yum! Check out this approximate $30 million lawsuit settlement that will force Kellogg to change its marketing. It’s a sugary cereals lawsuit. Nutrition Are we still debating whether or not a calorie is just a calorie? Do people still believe that the quality of a calorie – the source of the fuel – does...

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Friday Update News – 11/01/19

Good evening! Here’s your copy of the FUN for this week ending 11/01/19. News The “Keto” craze is everywhere and seems to be fueled mostly by people interested in weight loss. I am interested this growing body of work which looks at nutritional and supplemental ketosis for neuroprotective and even performance-enhancing effects.  Nutrition Check out this video – “The Role of Nutrition in Everything”. Mindset Check out this article about the relationship between...

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An Incredible Time….

By Michael Crespo We live in an incredible time. Last week Andy wrote a blog about the ReCODE study and Connected Fitness Novato’s involvement. The ReCODE protocol is used to slow and reverse Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease most often marked my rapid cognitive decline and that was previously thought to have been a genetic fate which nothing could be done about.    The ReCODE Protocol was developed by Dr. Dale Bredensen,internationally recognized expert in Neurogenerative Diseases. ...

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ReCode: The Reversal of Cognitive Decline Study

By Andy Boone I’m writing to share some exciting news. Connected Fitness Novato and Novato Health have been invited to participate in a clinical study to help measure treatment impact on typical progression of neurocognitive decline observed in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and patients exhibiting Mild Cognitive Decline (MCI). Our team is quietly working among a group of healthcare practitioners embarking on the first rigorous trial of a very promising protocol designed to halt the progression...

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