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CFN History

Hello and welcome to CFN Downtown & CFN Pacheco Valley. We are home to Novato's first CrossFit Affiliate, Equip Sports Performance 501(c)3, the CFN Health Coaching program and the CFN 7 Podcast. We are glad you stopped by our website.

In 2009, our journey began in a retired antique furniture and woodworking shop. With the help of family and friends we launched into creating our 5000 square foot Downtown training facility.

Located in the heart of Downtown Novato - just 1 block from Trader Joe's and Starbucks and 2 blocks from Peet's Coffee - our original facility features 3500 square feet dedicated to CrossFit Group Classes & Personal Training and about 1500 square dedicated to our Olympic Weightlifting Club and Dark Horse Strength programs. 

During May 2017 CrossFit Novato merged interests with Lauren & Dennis Mancuso's Pacheco Valley CrossFit. Bringing these two CrossFit communities together marked the beginning of CFN's first Sister Affiliate, CFN Pacheco Valley.

Today Karen and Andy Boone own and operate CFN Downtown and CFN Pacheco Valley. Karen and Andy, along with a team of 20 coaches, are humbled and honored to support their hometown and surrounding communities.  

Our Team

Andrea Moreira


Andrea first found CrossFit in 2013. After graduating from high school & playing sports, she needed a competitive release. She was immediately hooked. After helping out around the gym for a year, Andrea attended her CrossFit Level 1 certification and there was no going back from there. Today Andrea is a student at Sonoma State University where she is pursuing a double major, with plans to pursue her Masters in Occupational Therapy.


Andrea has a passion for helping kids living with specialized needs and children on the Autism spectrum. In her free time, she loves spending as much time as possible outdoors. She is an avid national park visitor and loves hiking with her white labrador retriever. She loves using her fitness with different physical tasks including rock climbing, running, gymnastics and much more.

Andy Boone


Andy finds great joy in meeting and supporting others as we all navigate the speed and complexities of this great life. He's particularly proud of a growing team of dedicated coaches and a community of clients becoming more and more interested in taking charge of our Health. Andy has practiced CrossFit over 10 years and spent the last 8 years owning a CrossFit Affiliate working as a certified CrossFit Coach. Andy knows CrossFit can be a potent tool for building Fitness, a key measure of our Health. Andy earned his undergraduate degree from UC Davis and holds a Masters in Educational Administration. 

Bob Scheppler


Bob and his wife, Michelle have two kids, Kaley & Anthony. The whole family participates at CrossFit Novato. Bob is passionate about baseball, fitness and the fire service. Around town, you can usually find him in shorts and athletic shoes in the gym, around a baseball field or at Peet's coffee.  Bob has been coaching local high school baseball and little league since 2002. He’s spent the last 19+ years as a member of SFFD. What’s next ? Developing healthy baseball players through the Equip Sports Performance program. 

Brittanie Williamson


Brittanie is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science & Kinesiology. She was born and raised in Kansas and came to Novato, CA in 2012 where she found CrossFit. Having played collegiate soccer, Brittanie missed participation in sport. What started as an internship quickly turned into a career. Brittanie is a three-time CrossFit Games California Regionals competitor. She has owned her own private training business and recently hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Her appreciation for human body movement and her love for the CrossFit Novato community fuels the joy she experiences each moment she interacts with clients.



Cory was born and raised in San Rafael and is proud to call Marin County his home. A lifelong athlete who has always enjoyed the rush of competition and the self-exploration of hard training, Cory discovered CrossFit in 2008. Cory is a high school Health teacher in addition to his duties at CrossFit Novato. He also coaches Varsity football and runs an after-school weightlifting club at San Marin High School. He lives in Novato with his wife Gillian, their son Hopper, and their dog, Rookie.



Emily grew up in Novato where she developed her love for sports and physical activity. Although she participated in many different sports, softball and basketball were her focus. Emily was a collegiate softball player at Southern Connecticut State, where she was a nationally ranked athlete. She earned her degree in Exercise Science, with a specialty in Physical Education. Emily also holds a Masters in Positive Coaching from the University of Missouri. 


After Emily completed her undergraduate degree in 2007, she became a physical education teacher and coach. She teaches at Sinaloa middle school, coaches the Redwood High varsity softball team, as well as an Ohana Tigers softball team. In 2011, Emily joined the CrossFit Novato family. She is an avid CrossFitter and Olympic weightlifter. Emily holds her CrossFit Level 2 , CrossFit Kids, and Brand X Method Certifications. Her favorite part about CrossFit is the connection with the people, as well as being challenged every time she walks in the door. 


Head Coach / Director of Programming

Gillian began her life-long love of athletics and fitness at an early age, playing soccer and volleyball and coaching sports summer camps. She played NCAA volleyball at UC Santa Cruz, graduating in 2007 with a BA in Biology. After College, Gillian began taking CrossFit classes at CrossFit Santa Cruz, the original CrossFit Affiliate. In 2010, she obtained her CrossFit Level 1 Certification and began coaching at CFSC. In 2011, she moved to Marin with her now husband, Cory Boyd, and began coaching at CrossFit Novato. Here she was able to pursue continuing education including certifications in CrossFit Strongman, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Weightlifting.


During 2015, Gillian went back to school for Massage Therapy to further her career and expand her services to her clients. Gillian now specializes in a unique combination of manual therapy and movement therapy to help clients with mobility, stability, and performance goals. In late 2016, Gillian gave birth to her son, Hopper. Her difficulty training through her pregnancy and rough postpartum return to fitness inspired her to seek higher education for training women through this chapter. She holds a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Certification and thoroughly enjoys consulting, coaching, and guiding women through their pregnancy and postpartum journeys, regardless of the type of fitness they want to return to or continue. Her passion lies in working with clients who need special care and considerations in their training. She hopes to inspire her clients to pursue a lifetime of fitness, health and happiness through all the little road bumps and potholes along the way.

James Perdelwitz


James was born and raised in Marin County and has always had a love for fitness. It wasn't until he found CrossFit that he found a true passion. In 2013 he stumbled upon the CrossFit Games and decided that he would try the Sport of Fitness. 

After joining a CrossFit gym in 2014, James was approached and asked if he had ever considered coaching. He took the opportunity and became a Certified Level 1 Coach in 2015. During that time and since he has enjoyed taking part in local competitions and coaching some really great people. His favorite aspect about CrossFit is the community surrounding and the constant encouragement to push yourself and discover new capabilities.


Coach / Director of Programming, Equip Sports Performance 

After years writing her own programming and living a solo workout lifestyle, Julie found CrossFit in 2010 and a new passion was formed. Within a year, she had moved into a coaching role. The personal connection with clients in helping them reach their goals is what motivates and inspires Julie and is the most rewarding part of her job. Along with coaching adult clients, Julie is also the Director of Programming, Equip Sports Performance, 501(c)3.

Kelly Morlock


CrossFit was introduced to Kelly in 2009, and has since led her to a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be fit. For Kelly, CrossFit is more than a workout. It’s a lifestyle that has shaped her overall well-being. Kelly sees a CrossFit lifestyle as a daily opportunity to make important nutrition decisions and other decisions that lead to a healthy living. Over the last nine years, Kelly has grown as both a coach and an athlete. She is a three-time CrossFit Games NorCal Regional team competitor (2011,2012 and 2013). Kelly competed in the 2016 CrossFit Games California Regional as an individual athlete. 


With the support from her husband, Kelly was able to leave her career working in public education to pursue CrossFit and Health as a full-time job. Her focus since has been continually motivating and challenging her athletes to be the best possible versions of themselves, both in and outside of the gym. CrossFit has allowed Kelly to share her knowledge and experience with others in an effort to inspire that same passion for fitness and health. Kelly is a Level 2 Certified CrossFit Coach. 



Kelly was a Division I collegiate swimmer competing twice in the US Open. In her senior year, Kelly took home gold in both the 100 and 200 breaststroke at the CAA Conference Championship. After hanging up her goggles, Kelly found a new challenge inside the Crossfit box. Kelly is passionate about sharing her love for CrossFit with clients and helping them to be their fittest selves.

Lauren Mancuso


Lauren is a Level 2 Certified CrossFit Coach, Certified CrossFit Weightlifting, Certified CrossFit Kids, as well as a Registered Nurse, wife and mom. Her passion for life, people and overall health not only carries into her career as a Nurse, but consumes her personal life as a CrossFit Coach. Lauren has always maintained a healthy, active lifestyle. She was introduced to CrossFit by her husband, Dennis and it didn’t take long before she integrated it into her daily life. 


Lauren is determined to share her passion for CrossFit with people from all walks of life. With her career in healthcare, she understands that an individual’s health and well-being is crucial to living a long and happy life. Lauren is dedicated to sharing her passion with our community and encourages all individuals to find their inner athlete.

Matt Barnes


Matt has been involved with CrossFit, Sports Specific Athletic Development and Strength and Conditioning since the “early days” of 2007. Matt’s background of Kinesiology and coaching experience has helped him develop a deep passion for functional fitness and the results that can be achieved through a little bit of hard work. He absolutely loves connecting with and inspiring people to make healthy, lifelong choices and sustainable changes. One of the biggest elements for success is the unbelievable community and support system at CrossFit Novato and Matt is proud to be a part of it. When Matt isn’t in the gym or serving the communities of Marin as a firefighter, he can be found surrounding himself around his family – Wife Nicole, Daughter Mckenzie, Son Dawson and Dog Rocco.



Michael first found CrossFit in 2014 attending the CrossFit Games NorCal Regional competition in San Jose, CA. He was inspired by the positivity and strength across the CrossFit community and this set into motion the amazing chain of events that led him to CrossFit Novato in 2016. CrossFit and its methodology are near and dear to Michael's heart as his family is plagued by chronic disease on both sides. He trains as a competitor, and coaches with compassion. Michael knows that the future of Healthcare is in our hands.



Mikkel found CrossFit in 2014 when he needed to make some healthy changes in his life. He quickly fell in love and was able to take what he learned and lost 30 lbs. This drove him to find a way to give back to the local community diving headfirst into all the health and fitness knowledge he could get his hands on. He earned his CrossFit Level 1 certification in 2016 and started coaching in 2017. Mikkel is currently completing his Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification and plans on bringing even more value to the community in 2018. Ultimately, he is driven to spark change in people’s lives. Mikkel is a Novato native and has been surfing the CA coast for over 30 years. You will likely find his wife, Alana and son, Kai around the gym on a daily basis.

Nicole Barnes


Nicole found CrossFit in 2008 and it forever changed how she looks at health and fitness. Nicole sees CrossFit translating far beyond the gym walls. As a lifestyle, CrossFit allowed Nicole to experience health and fitness and she loves helping others do the same. Nicole believes our fitness is a life-long process. Having the support of a community that shares the same values and goals is one of the most amazing things about CrossFit. She sees the camaraderie and support within the community at CrossFit Novato making the gym feel like a second home. Nicole believes the secret is having fun while pursuing a healthier and stronger life with friends. She feels very fortunate having been born and raised in Marin County and enjoys spending time with husband, two teenage kids and her third child, Rocco. 



Radz grew up in the SF North Bay Area, playing ice hockey through high school and while at The College William & Mary in Virginia. After finishing college in 2007, Radz returned to Novato dragging his future wife, Kelly with him. Radz missed the competitive side of athletics and didn't find the same motivation to go the gym just to do bench press in front of the mirror. That is what led him try CrossFit in 2011. Radz earned his CrossFit Level 1 certificate in 2013 and can coach in English and French (bah ouais!). Above all else, Radz does CrossFit because it's fun and because it's never boring; there is always something to learn.



Vince joined CrossFit Novato in 2012. His athletic background includes high school wrestling, and a lifetime of mountain biking, hiking and eating cookies. He was drawn to CrossFit by the community, and seeing athletes progress. He loves the variety, the challenge, and the competition provided by CrossFit.

CrossFit Novato is the original and largest CrossFit facility in Novato. We have over 8000 square feet split between two locations.

7427 Redwood Boulevard

Located one block from Starbucks, Trader Joes and Peet’s Coffee, the Downtown location offers 3500 square feet dedicated to our CrossFit program and over 1500 square feet dedicated to Olympic Weightlifting and Personal Training.

5420 Nave Drive

Located in South Novato and serving Hamilton, Bel Marin Keys, Lucas Valley and Marinwood, the Pacheco Valley location offers 2500 square feet dedicated to our CrossFit program.

CrossFit Novato - Downtown

Address: 7427 Redwood Blvd
Novato, CA 94945

Phone: (707)812-5167
Email: michael@crossfitnovato.com

CrossFit Novato - Pacheco Valley

Address: 5420 Nave Dr
Novato, CA 94949

Phone: (707)812-5167
Email: michael@crossfitnovato.com

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