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A Broader Light

By Michael Crespo

This month instead of our usual client spotlight piece we wanted to cast a broader light on the many new faces who have recently joined our Community. You might have noticed that class sizes feel a little bigger, and by now there is no doubt that some of these new faces are new gym friends.


The month of August brought us 3 new members:

Nicholas Carden

Jason Melius

Martha Ponce


September brought us 11 new members:

Karin Collins

Laura Barajas

Josh Brownstein

Britta Grayman

Christopher Roebken

Anna-Maria Coombs

Katie Stafford

Hannah Podshadely

William Zimmerle

Chris Trepte

Becky Gondola


October brought us 6 new members;

Ryan Gray

Aaron Frank

Madeline (Maddy) Frank

Christine Gilmore

Paloma Rojas-Breaux

Danny Pensabene


20 new members in the last 90 days with several more currently in our Foundations on-ramp program. This does not include the new members to our Woman Strong and CrossFit Kids classes which are growing as well.


We want to give a special thank you to our awesome coaches, and our awesome community because without you guys there would be no CrossFit Novato. The success of our program is a testament to our people. Thank you for making CFN a welcoming and supportive place where people can discover who they are and become what they want to be!


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