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20.4 Recap By Coach Gilly

The end of the 2020 Connected Fitness Open is upon us! With workout 20.4 we finally saw a heavy barbell! Strength athletes rejoice! However, we know that Dave Castro always has something up his sleeve, and this week you had to earn your way to the heavy weights with box jumps and pistols. Some athletes chose to do step-ups instead of box jumps, some athletes jumped the whole way to save their legs for the pistols, and still, others mixed the two.

On the lady’s side of the competition, our female coaches dominated this workout with Coach Emily leading the way. She did all 90 pistols and even got to clean the 205lb barbell! So strong, Coach! Our top RX client performance was Krystal Whitaker with 204 reps (that’s 4 clean and jerks at the 145lb bar). So strong! For the scaled version, Carrie Maszk crushed with a score of a whopping 232 reps (only 3 reps shy from finishing the final set of medball step-ups). Great work, Ladies!

On the men’s side, Mike Cattaneo once again finished on top of all other men, including our coaches! He had the same score as Coach Radz (200 reps) but edged him out by just 7 SECONDS to secure his first place. Great work to both of you! On the scaled side, Jeremy Altman dominated with a score of 201 reps (that’s one clean and jerk at the 155lb barbell!) edging out Coach Cory Boyd by only one rep! The scores sure were tight on the men’s side.

Krystal, Carrie, Mike and Jeremy, Connected Fitness Novato would be honored to award your efforts with your gear or supplement of your choosing up to a $10 value. Check-in with Coach Gilly next time you see her to claim your prize!

The final week of the Connected Fitness Open brought us a style of workout we’ve never seen before in the Open (but we see often in our programming;): the partition any way! The workout includes 40 Ring Muscle-Ups or Pullups, 80 Row Calories, and 120 Wallballs. Tune in to the recap next weekend to find out who ended the Open season on top and won the very special overall prize!


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