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20.3 Recap by Coach Gilly

Three down, two to go! Week 3 of the 2020 Connected Fitness Open saw a short and heavy workout, pairing deadlifts with Handstand Push-ups and Handstand walks. This workout tested both your ability to move load quickly and your gymnastic strength and stamina. The standard on the Handstand Pushups was very tough, causing a lot of frustration for many athletes. It was impressive for anyone to make it to the handstand walks! 

On the men’s RX side of the competition, Mike Cattaneo came out on top again with a score of 112 reps by the 9min timecap (that 1 rep into the handstand walking!). He was the only male to make it to that skill. For Men’s Scaled, Errol Tremolada dominated by finishing the entire workout in 7:24, only 8 seconds faster than second place Mike Yasin! So close! Great work Errol!

For the Rx category on the women’s side, Coach Kelly Morlock dominated with a score of 122 reps….that is all the way through the first round of 50ft handstand walks plus 1 deadlift! So impressive! Our top client score was Karen Glass, who did an amazing 8 handstand pushups with that hard standard. Congrats, Karen! On the scaled version, Krystal Whitaker absolutely destroyed the workout with a time of 6:05. SO FAST! 


Mike, Errol, Karen and Krystal congrats on a fantastic week of competition. We are honored to award you with a prize of your choice valued at $10. Check in with Gilly next time you see her to choose your prize. 


Week 4 of the Connected Fitness Open brings back a heavy barbell and a long time domain, along with a new movement for The Open: The Pistol. You have to earn your way to that challenge by making your way through 90 box jumps and 40 clean and jerks of increasing load. Will you make it through the pistols and on to the heaviest bar? The women’s RX weight ends at 205lbs and the men’s at 315lbs. This Olympic Lifting Coach can’t wait to see you all lift some big weight! 


Clip-Clop! Home Stretch!

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