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20.2 Open Recap by Coach Gilly

Week 2 of The CrossFit Open is complete! The workout was another long grinder with short reps: 20 min AMRAP of 4 DB Thrusters, 6 Toes to Bar, and 24 Double Unders or Single Unders. This workout was all about managing pace and your skill on the jumprope. Anyone else have super sore calves the next day?! Ouch! 

Our custom Leaderboard results are in! On the men’s side, Andrew Albert dominated with a score of 622 reps (18 rounds + 2 reps). That’s almost one round a minute! Andrew’s score was only bested by Coach Radz’s score of 655 reps (19 rounds + 9 reps). On the scaled side, Todd Schneider topped the leaderboard for the second week in a row! His score of 800 reps (23 rounds + 18 reps) was almost 150 reps more than the next score. Amazing! 

On the women’s side, 3 of our coaches topped the leaderboard with Kelly M. completing 700 reps (20 rounds + 20 reps), followed closely by Emily and Kelly Z. Our top client score was Karen Glass with an incredible 517 reps (15 rounds + 7 reps). On the scaled side, Malia McDowell dominated with a score of 952 reps, which is a CRAZY 28 rounds! Dang girl! 

Andrew, Todd, Karen and Malia: CrossFit Novato is proud to honor your efforts with a WOD repair lotion (either the Repair or Maintenance) and a pair of WOD n Done grips. I’ll be in contact with you soon to get you your prizes! Congrats, guys! 

This week 20.3 was announced and we FINALLY get to see some heavy weight and a short time domain! This is our first (and maybe only?) repeat this year, with 20.3 being 18.4. Did you do it in 2018? Are you going to improve your score? We shall see! 

The RX version has two heavy deadlift weights and some high skill level gymnastics with handstand pushups and handstand walking. The Scaled version has lighter barbells and the still difficult toe pushups and bear crawls. Good luck to all competitors this week! Check the blog post next week to see who tops the leaderboard and what their prize is. 

Two more weeks to go. What movements do you think we will see in the remaining weeks? I have a feeling overhead squats and some kind of muscleup are coming, but you never know what The Dave Castro is dreaming up. 

Reminder that anyone is welcome to come and do the Open workout on Saturdays Downtown, regardless of whether you are signed up for the Open or not. Come join the fun! 



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