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Thinking and Feeling the 2018 CrossFit Open

Over the past several weeks I’ve gone through my annual thinking and feeling, wrestling with my personal CrossFit Open registration process. I’m already in my head about this post thinking and feeling a bit insecure about admitting it is in fact for me a process. 

Usually around the Holidays the initial thoughts and feelings begin to creep-in. The Open is coming. The Open is coming. The F- Open is coming. Didn’t it just end?

January is a lengthy month with plenty of time for some reflection, rumination and regret. I will think about and often feel that I am not in the shape I used to be in. Don’t want to think about and feel that weekly pressure. Don’t want to feel the competition. Bannister. Why does the guy think we need to compete against each other every year?  There’s going to be some heavy overhead movement which is going to crush my shoulder and I’m going to feel the familiar sadness. Fitness shouldn’t make people feel badly. I think I just want to workout. This year I’ll pass.

February is of course a short month and the couple weeks between the beginning of the month and the very moment I write my annual appeal feels like a couple days. At some point, Gilly emails or texts and reminds me that we need to get our shit together and figure out how we are going to run events. Who will be in charge? Who needs to take the Judge’s Course? I wonder if nobody will notice if I don’t sign-up.

David A. Kolb published his Experiential Learning Theory model in 1984. In Kolb’s theory, the impetus for the development of new concepts is provided by new experiences.

“Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (Kolb, 1984, p. 38).

Kolb suggests that Effective learning is seen when a person progresses through a cycle of four stages: (1) having a concrete experience followed by (2) reflection on that experience, which leads to (3) the formation of abstract concepts and generalizations, which are then (4) issued in future situations, resulting in new experiences. (Saul McLeod, Psychology Today, updated 2017)

Kolb’s model supports the idea that life experiences – including all of the thoughts and feelings which are a part of the process and the event itself –  are what leads to learning, growth and in the end, new experiences and a deeper learning.

Each year, through my own process, I arrive at a place where I am grateful for my life and my physical abilities. The CrossFit Open doesn’t need to be a test or a competition. It is a celebration. An opportunity for personal learning and growth. I hope that you will join me in the experience.

Sign-up and Experience the 2018 CrossFit Open!




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2018 CrossFit Open


Coach Gilly writes this week sharing our plan for the 2018 CrossFit Open

The Sport of Fitness and the 2018 CrossFit Season is upon us. Please check out the sections below for some information about what the Open is, why we participate, how we will execute this year and lots of other tidbits. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me. I can be reached at 

WHAT: The CrossFit Open is an online competition that consists of 5 workouts released over 5 weeks, one workout per week. Workouts can be performed at any CrossFit Affiliate or may be recorded in a garage and published to the CrossFit Open website. The Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season and the largest community event of the year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of athletes worldwide compete with other athletes across the globe. 

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Are You Fit or Are You Healthy?

Or are you neither or are you both?

For the first seven years that I owned a gym, I worked out in that gym and found myself pretty darn fit. The fitness worked. I’ve even competed in fitness. I am among a relatively small percentage of people around the world who can say they’ve competed in the CrossFit Games. Not just one time. Two consecutive years I was a CrossFit Games athlete. Granted it was a very, very different world back then. The point being, relative to everyone else, the gym alone was enough for me to look and feel pretty darn fit.

Over that same seven year period, my lifestyle more or less mimicked one that I had adopted as a UCD undergrad. A cocktail or two during the week or more. I would even sneak drink a beer or two in the garage as my daughters became aware of my consumption habits. Drinking in the garage seemed easy enough and that way I could avoid their scrutiny. Any good reason and I was ready to drink. Dinner out during the week and I would calculate a drink at home ahead of time, so the restaurant consumption wouldn’t ‘count’. Friday and Saturday evenings typically involved large quantities of beer or booze or both. Generally speaking I was a pretty good drinker.  Pretty good at fitness. I had honed my craft over many years. Foggy Sunday with family and I was back and ready to go Monday.

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Wellness Edition

Happy weekend! This is sort of a Wellness edition as I’ve just finished teaching a 9 am Saturday class and it’s been too long. For many, many years I was the Saturday morning coach. Really enjoyed experiencing that unique energy, again.

Whole Life Challenge starts one week from today, January 20!

I believe the upcoming Whole Life Challenge is a great way to start kicking around several important lifestyle topics. We have 60 registrations and I want more. Over the past several years we’ve mostly stayed away from encouraging you to consider decisions and behavior outside the gym. Reflecting on the past and taking that long look in the mirror reminds me that I didn’t have my own act together, thus it was difficult to honestly and sincerely support you much beyond fitness. Times have definitely changed and within the last couple years I have found a new trajectory. So pleased to feel a foundation and be ready to share a few insights.

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We Might Be On To Something

Just a few days back I sent a note to our team of coaches (now 20 strong!) reflecting on the year, looking ahead, also noting the speed and demands and stress in our lives. If one thing is for certain, life is happening. And there is no sign of it slowing anytime soon. As I sit and pen this note to all of you, I want to pause and share that same sentiment with you.  You figure it out. You balance a lot. Rarely is finding that balance easy and some days just not possible. You may be starting out raising young children or children wrestling adolescence or a daughter figuring out life through her evolving teenage lens. Or maybe no kids, but managing a career or two careers or considering a career change. Thank you. Thank you for putting your feet on the floor early in the morning or scheduling your work day around our schedule fighting not to miss a mid-morning class opportunity or scrambling back to Novato fighting traffic and making time in the evening to walk through our door. How much better do you we feel when we leave? We might be on to something.

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The Whole Life Challenge begins January 20, 2018

Here’s a post I just published to our private FB page:

Ok. Wanted to come back to Facebook and let you know that I’m fired up to announce the Whole Life Challenge (WLC) is coming back to CFN. This 2018 New Year Health and Lifestyle challenge will begin January 20, 2018.
For those of you have participated in the past, they’ve made some nice improvements to the application and overall delivery of info and game rules. We also have plans to create a private Google Group (almost half of us are not on Facebook), so that we can dig deeper into topics you’d like to discuss.
For those of you unfamiliar with the WLC, for six weeks we will practice 7 Daily Habits designed to help us make some healthy adjustments.
The WLC is both work – involves commitment, some discipline and making some other choices and behavior changes – and it’s fun. Join the CrossFit Novato team here
The Early Bird discount ends January 3, 2018!
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The Foundation of Fitness

Hope that everyone is having a good week. The Holidays are upon us and I find myself with so much to be thankful for. At the same time, what a year it has been for so many! One thing is for certain. Life is happening. And it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

On behalf of Karen and the Team, I wish you all quality time with family and friends and all the delicious food and drink you may safely and most happily enjoy.

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Special Day

Special day here at CrossFit Novato as we are tackling Wod, “Norman“.

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Tired of Social Media

I recently kicked the social media habit removing Twitter, Instagram and Facebook aps from my phone. Sweet relief. My brain hasn’t quite adapted as I still find myself looking for my approval fix. Likes, comments, thumbs-up emojis all feel so good. In the end, I realized how much time I spent observing and evaluating, often forming judgements about other people. If I wasn’t evaluating their life, I often had opinions re: their misguided use – my perceived abuse – of a given social media platform. Enough. Time to let others have the social media without my judgment. I do see the positive side of social media platforms and appreciate all that is entertaining and collaborative. To that, our private Facebook page will continue to be an important gathering place and we will continue to publish workout material via SugarWod.

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